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The simple definition of a Boilermaker is a skilled craftsman who fabricates, constructs, erects, and repairs vessels.


Our Local Union Meeting is scheduled for May 13, 2023

Members, we look forward to your attendance.



COVID-19 tests are now available through your pharmacy benefit.

During these difficult times, one thing should be easier: getting tested for COVID-19. As of January 15, you can get COVID-19 tests free at a participating pharmacy.


How to get free at-home COVID-19 tests

You can use your Express Scripts® pharmacy benefit to obtain up to eight (8) tests per month for a

$0 copay. Here’s how:

  1. Visit a participating pharmacy and select a COVID-19 at-home test.
  2. Bring your test to the pharmacy counter (not the general checkout register) and present your ID card to the pharmacist. The pharmacist will process the test for a $0 copay.

Submitting a manual claim (Pharmacy receipt required)

If the COVID-19 Test does not process for $0 copay at the pharmacy (and you have not used your allotment of eight tests per month) do not worry. You can submit a manual claim for reimbursement for COVID-19 at-home tests purchased at a participating pharmacy after Jan. 15, 2022.


To submit a manual claim, please visit our website You will need to complete the manual claims form and submit it along with a pharmacy receipt to receive reimbursement.

Follow this link: COVID-19, for more information concerning precautions surrounding this current health threat.

Notice: Disaster Relief Fund.

Any Member who lost their home of has incurred serious damage to their homes/property as a result of the fires, should contact the local. The IBB has a disaster relief fund that helps depending on individual circumstances.

Notice: COVID-19 Funeral Assistance.

Any Member seeking information on assitance with funeral arrangement costs research the following link:

Clean Slate Day