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2022 Dues Schedule

2022 Dues Schedule for Construction: $63.45/month. [$126.90 for 2 months;  $190.35 for 3 months.]

2022 Dues Schedule for Metal Polishers: $82.46/month. [$164.92for 2 months, $247.38 for 3 months.]

2022 Dues Schedule for Shop & Shipyard:  $86.70/month. [$173.40 for 2 months, $260.10 for 3 months.]

For Out of Work dues, Sick dues, Reinstatement, and Withdrawal Card fees, contact the hall at (925) 427-4121.

As a reminder, these monthly dues are your responsibility to pay – not your employers. 
The above listed dues, are due monthly.

There is a 60 day grace period on dues, but after these 60 days, your membership will be suspended. 

Please stay on top of your payment of dues.

Various Options for payment:

• Pay through our online vendor TSYS. The button below will take you to their hosted site. BE SURE to include your Register Number, to ensure your payment is applied to the correct account. You can also use the last four of your SSN to ensure payment is applied to your account. 

• The best way to pay your dues is through your bank’s bill pay system. Have them (your bank) automatically draft a check and send it to the local each month. This is a safe and secure way to keep your dues paid every month without needing to remember. If you are already using this method, remember to adjust to the new dues amount for your 2021 payments.

• Make a payment in person at the union hall. If its after business hours, there is a door drop-off slot that you can take advantage of.

• Mail a check or money order to the Local business office. At: 2191 Piedmont Way, Pittsburg, CA 94565.

• Call the office at 925-427-4121 to make a credit card payment. Additional fees apply. Please Note: Towards the end of the month, the phones tend to be very busy.

Construction Regular Dues: $63.45
Metal Polishers Regular Dues: $82.46
Shop & Shipyard Regular Dues: $86.70
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